30 Day Author Marketing Challenge Starts NOW!

30 Day Author Marketing Challenge

We would like to invite all authors, to join and participate on our upcoming One Month Author Marketing Challenge. This challenge will commence on February 21st.

Listen to a message from Michelle

Author Challenge Audio Message from Michelle Listen Now

Don’t delay sign up today! -If we give you too much time to think about it, you’ll get scared, have excuses, won’t do it so, sign up right now!

Objective – Sell More Books!

To provide, help and support each and every member of the Community Club on their endeavor of bringing out the best and the most comprehensive marketing ideas to market and promote their book.

The Book Marketing Challenge:

  • How many books can you sell in 7 days?, 15 days?  30 days?
  • How many friends can you refer to sign up on the membership site for 30 days and get lots of cool free stuff?
  • How many books can you review in 15 days?
  • How many reviews can you get?

How to Participate:

You will receive a daily email with a task and an inspirational audio

Weekly phone calls with marketing ideas and support.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get new ideas – but.. what you will get is this:

a daily task – which will be a quick short task to help your marketing efforts.
these tasks will be everything from commenting on a blog post somewhere, to learning stumble and stumbling to offering to swap reviews with someone to calling your local radio station etc.  1 task a day – each task will be less than 30 minutes to complete  - and the phone calls are accountability check in opportunities to hold yourself accountable and get more inspiration.

For Current and New Author Review and Marketing  Members:

  • You’ll get unlimited access to all content on the membership site.
  • Information about Media Exposure – Reporter Connection Opportunities will be forwarded to you. Let us know your specific expertise and other topics of interest.
  • Open Ideas – You can give your ideas, suggestions, questions or you can even vote on whatever topic to discuss for Author Membership Call based on your interests. Whichever topic got the highest vote, it will be the topic for the next membership call. You can also email your questions or ask during the membership call . In case you can’t participate, we’ll send you the link to listen to.
  • Full Customer Support – if you need additional assistance on something or anything about the membership site, our customer support is available to assist
  • Help with actual tasks. The team at The Talking Network and Talking Books TV can help you complete actual marketing tasks for very affordable rates ( starting at $20.00 per task or project)Guaranteed Amazon written or Video Review – the web-cam interview will be uploaded to Amazon as a video review.

As a Thank You For Referrals

you’ll get the following services for Free:

  • Tweak Amazon Page –we’ll make sure that your profiles are completely filled out, including author central page.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Submitting your most recent article to Ezine Article and once approved by ezine, it will be bookmarked

Challenge starts MONDAY February 21 at 10 ET  with your first audio and challenge and phone call (various times will be offered during the week)

Sign up now and sell more books!

How many books can you sell in one month? How much publicity can you get in 30 days?

one time easy payment of 97.00 includes

Phone calls, email support, challenges, daily audios,  forum support

access to 12 weeks of step by step marketing materials

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