A Field Trip to Hell by Minister Kevin Benton

At one point in their life, every person has heard about hell from media, their church or their family. Whether you believe in it or not, Minister Kevin Benton shares insight about what the afterlife may hold and calls each reader to reconsider what you believe in.

A Field Trip to Hell is a life changing book written with heartfelt conviction. Based on the personal experiences of Minister Kevin Benton, it is a powerful testimony about rising above trials and tribulations. As a basketball player, Kevin Benton seemed to be poised for a successful life as an athlete. But it was not without its problems and he persevered through every challenge and experience of persecution to gain a life marked by love, honor and integrity.

This book serves as a great tool to inform readers about the realities of hell as well as share the message of the Gospel. It highlights a field trip to hell during the time of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Minister Benton serves as a tour guide who reveals the 30 torments of hell firsthand without having to suffer through them for eternity. This experience allows readers to realize that they have an opportunity to change their lives. The book encourages readers to develop a relationship with God and challenges them to share their faith in him with others.

About the Book
A Field Trip to Hell is a book that tackles the experience of the 30 torments of hell based on the personal experiences of Minister Kevin Benton. He shares his own journey to enlightenment and challenges readers about the condition of their own faith in connection with what the afterlife will hold for them.

About the Author
Minister Kevin Benton has spent a large part of his life in athletics and in the service of God. He was a multi- awarded basketball player in high school and went on to play for the University of Delaware for two years on a full athletic scholarship. When he felt the call of God in his life, he chose to leave his scholarship and instead, attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He majored in Psychology and was part of the historic team that became the first Christian School to every play in the NCAA tournament in the 1994-1995 league. After graduation, he played professionally in Europe and mainland China, attended NBA camps and participated in missions overseas with Athlete n’ Action and the Christ Crusaders.

Minister Benton currently works for the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia, PA as a Child Care Social Worker. He and his wife Nikki founded the Healed-Healers Ministries, a community ministry that uses group support to bring hope, help and healing to the lives of people. He is the author of the book, “A Field Trip to Hell,” and it talks about the 30 revealed torments of Hell in line with his goal to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Visit his website http://kevinbentonministries.com

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  1. Oct 26, 2010
    11:43 am


    At one time or another I think people feel like they are in hell and that is when I visualize a rope hanging down from above and I just hold onto it. God will always get you throught rough times. Life is about faith and living it every day.
    Great interview Michelle. It seems like you just get better and better at this. thanks