Author Interview with Dianne Eppler Adams about Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters

Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters

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This book  is a series of essays  and is a good read for anyone who is struggling with finding the Spirit in ordinary and even, difficult times. Dianne Eppler Adams uses her own experience and her knowledge of astrology to provide a refreshing perspective on spirituality.

In the book, Adams offers questions that reveal how the Spirit manifests itself in your daily lives. It encourages you to take a good look at your life and find answers to all the questions that have nagged at you in the back of your mind. One question explores how different your life would be if you knew that everyone and everything is interconnected. Would your behavior towards others change?

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Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters

Adams recognizes that difficult times are a reality but that focusing on positive and helping others are key to surviving these tough times. The book points out how becoming more present and open hearted in ordinary life allows you to find the Spirit you’re looking for. This inspiring yet practical guide shows you practices that you can do to help you achieve balance, empowerment and happiness in your life. Instead of closing yourself off to the world, it advocates becoming more present and open hearted in ordinary life so that you can discover how the Spirit manifests itself in daily living.

The book also delves into emphasizing the importance of each person’s uniqueness, including individual opinions that differ from your own. By honoring and respecting yourself, others and their opinions, you see another side of things that brings balance and a deeper understanding of any situation. In that sense, you should never be afraid to be your true self so that you have a deeper sense of strength and identity that will allow you to have authentic relationships and interactions with others. By encouraging you to look at old things in a new way, Conscious Footsteps helps you become open to new possibilities instead of being locked into the same old patterns.

If you are looking for inspiration to live more joyfully and deepen your spiritual consciousness in your daily life, read a page or two and be inspired for the day. Let it gradually help you navigate times ahead and create a life that suits your values, your purpose and your passion.

About the Book

Written by intuitive astrologer and author Dianne Eppler Adams, Conscious Footsteps: Finding Spirit in Everyday Matters is a book that is ideal for anyone who is feeling uncertain about their life’s purpose. It talks about finding and maintaining spirituality in ordinary life by recognizing the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things and allowing that realization to change the way you look at situations and your interactions with people you deal with everyday. This collection of essays hopes to encourage others to take their own “conscious footsteps” in their spiritual journey towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.

About the Author

Dianne Eppler Adams is a certified astrological consultant and practical mystic who advocates living the life you want by living an authentic life and recognizing life’s higher purpose. She specializes in providing keen insights for people and organizations that see the opportunity change and uncertainty provide in paving the way for increased success and fulfillment. Dianne writes a popular New Moon e-newsletter that is called Spirit in Matters and is the author of the e-book, Flip Negatives to Positives: Tips for Thriving Change and Uncertainty. She is a member of the National Committee for Geocosmic Research, the Association for Astrological Networking, and the Organization for Professional Astrology and has received her certification from the International Society for Astrological Research. Dianne worked in various nonprofit organizations for 35 years before she established her full-time astrological consulting practice.She is the founder of the Holistic Entrepreneurs Alliance, a business networking and support group in northern Virginia. Visit her website