Fresh Decorating Fireplace Mantels

Nov 9th

To create fireplace mantels is important to consider existing design of room. If room containing mantelpiece is decorated in retro style, for example, it would not be appropriate to place elements of French country at its mantelpiece. This will get rid of appearance of room. If you have a fireplace, consider placing a favorite collection of articles together. But be careful not to saturate space.

Stone Fireplace Mantels Product
Stone Fireplace Mantels Product

When decorating your fireplace mantels, consider placing pieces on his mantelpiece that harmonize with rest of your room. Picking colors of accessories in your room when decorating your fireplace can create a well-balanced life space, connected. Because fireplace is a focal point, use precious elements of various sizes for balance. Safety concerns: Make sure your selections are not flammable fireplace, and put weakest pieces in center shelf of security.

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Decorating fireplace mantels is an easy way to decorate a room. You can hanging your favorite piece of framed artwork above mantel. This will create height and become focal point of room. If you have a collection of items that fit on your mantel, try to group them together to show them off. If you have a collection of small objects, consider adding a piece with more height to create balance. With small rooms, addition of a large framed mirror above mantel opens space.