Riding a Modular Bookcase

Jul 11th

Riding a modular bookcase is very simple, just follows the signs Pin and missed his little trick for the collation of shelves. Tools: metro and pen, screwdriver, drill, drill 8mm. Materials: shelf (x8), Uprights (x4), mounts shelves (x16), adhesive, screws, tacos 8mm. Step by step to assemble a modular bookcase. To begin to mount our shelf, the first thing to do is place the uprights. To do this, we will take action and once determined its location, using a drill and drill 8mm proceed to make holes where screwed guides. Screwed to mark where the bottom, Pin proposes to use a plumb home.

Modular bookcase plans
Modular Bookcase Planst

After placing the first vertical support, we will place the other to 76cm horizontally; to leave two aesthetic centimeters overhang on each shelf. Then we proceed to mount the brackets for holding the shelves. Ensuring that are at the same height, that sometimes we tend to mislead.

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To end the assembly is time to place the modular bookcase. Pin advises us to use an adhesive that will apply on the horizontal support and shelves to ensure stability and then proceed to screwing. In this simple way we finished assembling a modular shelf in a tic-tac.