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Your logo and your business card is not your brand. This is what Suzanne Tulien of Brand Ascension wants entrepreneurs and small business owners to realize.  In our interview with Suzanne, you will learn the difference between branding and marketing. Watch it now. Branding vs. Marketing with Suzanne Tulien – Interview Notes – Many small […]

Ken Ungerecht  is the author of God Theories   Mr. Ungerecht  has written a very interesting and controversial book about God and the universe. His aim in writing the book is to bring a greater degree of logic and reason into our search for spiritual understanding. To do that, he brings up interesting points and […]

Your Ultimate Book Marketing Guide Are you in pursuit of information on how to market your business and gain more exposure online? D’vorah Lansky’s new book “Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for selling Your Nonfiction Book online” is an ultimate book marketing guide for authors who aims for a comprehensive, easy to follow step […]

Authors….  Having trouble selling more books? Need some book marketing ideas? Private tele-class just for you and your book! Come join me as I work through the top 25 book promotion tasks each author can do to help promote themselves, their books and get the word out.  My calls are always intimate, and you’ve got […]

Bloodthirsty…A Mystery Novel This well written book “Bloodthirsty” is a thriller/mystery novel about a murder in Denver Colorado. It opens with a  blood curling and intense thrilling ride that you won’t forget, and with the author’s expertise in criminology, she was able to capture the true nature of criminal minds. In this author interview Samantha […]

Are you the kind of person who fights change or embraces it? Do you want to transform your life? There’s an old expression that goes: ‘Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.’ For many folks, that is an expression that holds true for many parts of their lives. Many of us do […]

There’s something about vampires that continues to haunt and fascinate us. Back then, there was Dracula and later on, it was Lestat. These days, however, it’s Edward Cullen and the brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore that hold our attention. Although the idea of death, darkness and blood thirst scare us, there’s a sense of curiosity […]

Defy Gravity: Propel Your Business to High-Velocity Growthis not a book you read, it’s one that you devour. True to her name, Rebel talks about challenging businesses to think differently and continuously reconsider long ingrained beliefs to respond to the needs of today’s situations. Rebel Brown brings to the table over twenty years of expertise […]

Stories and poetry pique a child’s interest and imagination. Like most parents, Craig Vroom knew this and often read Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein pieces to his own kids. Soon, however, he started writing his own stories to keep them engaged and that eventually led to his career as a children’s book author. Linn Winstead […]

In a recent interview by Michelle Vandepas, Allison Umbricht talks about her new book The Mom’s Guide to Traveling with Kids It can be overwhelming to be a busy mom with young children.Throw in vacation planning and it can be a recipe for a major migraine! For many moms, even the idea of planning a […]

At one point in their life, every person has heard about hell from media, their church or their family. Whether you believe in it or not, Minister Kevin Benton shares insight about what the afterlife may hold and calls each reader to reconsider what you believe in. A Field Trip to Hell is a life […]

Illustrator Langdon Foss was recently on Talking Books TV to talk about the children’s book, Dinonauts, the source of his creativity, the influence of European and American comics and about being a kid at heart. Dinonauts was written by Mike Pacitto and contains contributions form Pete Schuermann ang Greg Kleinert and all the illustrations were […]