What Is a Swivel Armchair?

Nov 9th

A swivel armchair, often used in offices, is a piece of furniture which uses a single central leg and a rotating seat, allowing the person sitting to easily convert from one direction to another. The office swivel chair is one of the most common types of swivel chairs. Often, it has wheels at the bottom – so it is movable to move easily around a room – and you can see in cubicles, home offices and conference rooms.

Small swivel armchair
Small Swivel Armchairs

Another type is the rotary swivel armchair recliner. This chair, which is commonly found in a living room at home or studies, is an armchair with a reclining backrest also has a rotating seat. Most rotary recliner chairs also have expendable footrest. Some swivel chairs have reclining seats that become 180 degrees. Other seats rotate 360 degrees.

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The swivel armchair makes it easier to deal with the different parts of a room from the same seat. It is particularly useful to convert from your computer to the guest chair in an office. According to October 2008 article Gregorio Lefebvre in Early American Life, Thomas Jefferson invented the first swivel chair or less the same time that the Declaration of Independence was signed.