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Amazon Best Selling Author Book Optimization, - How to move up Amazon and sell more books.
Top 10 Essential Steps Every Author Must Take to Become a Hit on Amazon Sell More Books, and Sell More Books!
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Be Interviewed!

Be interviewed by a professional interviewer and have your interview blasted everywhere on the web! A few of the benefits include: A nine minute (approx) interview -on the TalkingBooksTV show, via webcam video with experienced interviewers who have also been authors themselves - Your book and interview placed on six or more prominent video sites -Download link provided so you can upload to Facebook, LinkedIn etc ....

Customized Marketing

Authentic Marketing for you and your book. A customized program based upon your purpose, passions and goals. Work with expert Michelle Vandepas who will guide you through a specific program to help you sell more books!

Book Marketing Online 101

Amazon Launches, getting reviews, moving up the search engines, using video, article marketing, let Michelle guide your book marketing in this small intimate Individualized phone class.